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A hidden dash cam is a video recording device that is mounted in the front of the car to record what is happening on the road. Since the roads are full of people with all sorts of reckless driving, a hidden das cam can act as evidence in proving your innocence when your car is involved in a traffic incident.

Hidden dash cams come in various designs and features that make choosing one for your car a very difficult adventure. But with the following tips factored in, choosing a hidden dash camera for your car should be bliss.

Number of cameras

In most cases, hidden dash cams come with one camera for just a single angle of view; the front windscreen. For this reason, most of them are mounted behind the rearview mirror and because they just look like part of the mirror, they are hard to detect both from inside or outside the car, unless you are purposely looking for it.

However, there are still hidden dash cams that come with more than a camera that allows for various angles of view. The cameras may give angles of view from the front and rear windscreens while other cams may come with several cameras that even provide an angle of view in the whole car.

Such multi-camera hidden dash cams prove very important to taxi cars such as Uber, where every activity within the car is recorded for future reference in case anything goes amiss.

Field of view

Normally, hidden dash cams come with a field of view of between 140° and 160°. But you will still others that have a wider field of view of up to 170°.

You want a hidden dash cam with an as much wider field of view as possible. This is because the wider the field of view, the more details it will capture.

Capturing as many details of the road in front of you helps prove your innocence even faster and easier just in case you are involved in a traffic incident.

Source of power

When factoring in the source of power, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. Some are charged using the cigarette lighter socket while others are wired directly to the car battery.

The power cable running from the cigarette socket makes such powered dash cams hard to hide from visitors in the car. Those charged using the car battery require special skills for installation so that the wires can be hidden away from other people to make the cam unnoticeable.

Other hidden dash cameras come with batteries that are made of lithium ions just like smartphone batteries. The only challenge with these comes when the battery runs out and you have to keep recharging it.

Connectivity features

Whilst many hidden dash cams store the video recording on SD cards, some are WI-FI enabled. This means that as long as you have a working Wi-Fi connection, you can stream the live video of the cam remotely even via your phone.

Such hidden dash cams prove very useful for people who park their cars on streets frequented by car theft. On the other hand, you have to delete the old recordings to create room for new ones while dealing with the ones that have an SD card for storage.

The quality of the pictures

The purpose of a hidden dashcam is not just to record videos, but to record quality videos in terms of clarity. The resolution of the pictures a hidden dashcam record is important because a cam with lower clarity can take very poor pictures especially when the car is moving at high speeds.

Since the purpose of the cam is to enable you to see what is happening on the road in front of you, go for a hidden dash cam with high picture resolution. This way, you will have great live pictures even in foggy weather.

Price considerations

Another great way of choosing a hidden dash cam is by considering its price. Depending on their enhanced features, dash cams come at different prices.

For example, common hidden dash cams cannot record in low light or darkness but for those that are enabled with night vision mode, they can even record in darkness. You do not expect these two to come at the same price, do you?

Hidden dash cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled, can be accessed remotely via a mobile app and are more expensive than those that are not Wi-Fi enabled. But at the end of the day, your choice is led by your specific needs in the car.

These needs vary from one person to the other. With these tips in mind, all you have to do is to step into a car supplies store or an online shop and choose one that fits your needs.

Hidden dash cam wiring tips (video)

So, you got a hidden dash camera, now what? Now you need to install it as discreetly as possible. The following video will give you some ideas on how to do it:

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